Dear audience, dear friends,

we are happy to be able to present concerts in the A-Trane jazz club again.

The times as follows:
First of all, tickets with seats will be sold for this concert and this will be announced accordingly
Admission: 7.15 p.m.
Start: 8.15 p.m.
Sets: 2
Break: 15 minutes

Will be activated if the main concert is sold out and we have enough interest in the number of visitors for the extra concert. We will get in touch and let you know
Admission: 5 p.m.
Start: 5.30 p.m.
End: 6.45 pm
Sets: 1
Pause: None

All of our shows start on time because they are all broadcast live.

The concert tickets combined with seats are also available for sale online on our website. This service is for everyone who secures their seats by purchasing the tickets. Unfortunately, the tickets purchased are non-refundable, cannot be credited, but are transferable. We confirm the receipt of your purchases in addition to the confirmation by PayPal in the A-Trane.

Alternatively, you also have the option of reserving your tickets with the seats without any obligation to purchase. This service is for everyone who does not have PayPal and / or does not want to use PayPal for whatever reasons and also for everyone who does not have an online transfer option. These seats are just as safe when confirmed. But you will certainly understand if we prefer the tickets that have already been purchased and that will also arrive on the same day of your reservation. We’ll definitely get in touch and let you know what happened to your reservation.

Almost all concerts are also streamed live. For all those who cannot come in or are not in town or have no time at all, there is the opportunity to experience the concerts through our usual good live pictures and live sound. These streamings are also available for purchase on our website and are valid for 24 hours from purchase and cannot be transferred / passed on. These are only issued to the buyer with the IP address.
The only exception will be the Andreas Schmidt Mondays, of which only the first set is usually broadcast live and the live streaming is offered spontaneously. This concert and streaming will be free of charge. For all Andreas Schmidt & Friends table reservations for the live experience in the A-Trane, please use the reservation form specially created for this purpose without purchase.

There is also the new service from A-Trane to watch all concerts as an online stream: A-TRANE VIDEO PORTAL Monthly membership: With this membership you have access to all upcoming and past concerts that we have broadcast live during the time of your membership.

We look forward to you! Let’s start the live concerts together at A-Trane, with which we will hopefully keep the music / art / culture alive for a very long time. Let us also jointly comply with the regulations for hygiene in the club with our hygiene concept adapted for the club. Thanks!

A-Trane & Team

    • Dear Sir or Madam,
      Stand Berlin, May 31, 2021

      below we present our latest

      Hygiene concept for events in our club
      Bleibtreustrasse 1
      10625 Berlin

      in order to not only fight / contain the pandemic without endangering the health of the staff and guests, but also
      to be able to avoid the spread of the virus.

      The A-Trane has a good ventilation system, which is provided with the appropriate professional filters. Before
      reopening, this system was checked for functionality and suitability by a specialist company and has been
      completely overhauled. The air conditioning system has received a new compressor. All of these measures have
      been recorded. We will also open the doors during admission and during breaks so that fresh air can also be

      The ventilation and air conditioning in the A-Trane Jazz Club work exclusively with fresh air. The air in the club
      is not circulated and there is no circulating air. The used air is directed to the outside immediately and directly.

      In the club we have distributed a total of 6 bottles with disinfectants, which are distributed at the entrance /
      entrance / exit, backstage, office and in the toilets and are easily accessible for the guests, the musicians and the
      staff. Behind the bar and at the mixer, there are again separate disinfectants for the staff working there. All
      doorknobs are cleaned regularly. All surfaces are also cleaned both when the guest is seated and after they have
      left (chairs, tables, benches). In addition to the disinfectant, there is also a container with disposable paper towels
      available in the toilets.

      – Only possible with prior RESERVATION. Spontaneous is also possible. The guests must register on the form
      provided for this purpose.
      – Only possible for 2x Vaccinated including 2 weeks after the second vaccination
      – Only possible TESTED maximum 24 hours old
      – A-Trane’s own TEST CENTER is verified, certified and authorized for spontaneous guests, musicians and staff
      who could not test themselves. On-site testing also takes place outside the club.
      – We use the APP LUCA for faster and unconventional registration of visitors.
      We will handle the ticket sales and also the admission control outside the club by an employee. As a result, the
      queues caused by waiting guests will be shifted to the outside area and we will point out to guests that the safety
      distance is observed, which is also marked. The guests will arrive at the club with their tickets already purchased
      online with a QR code, the code will be scanned. Guests with reservations and / or pre-orders without a QR code
      are also granted admission, as long as they have pre-registration via telephone / online. The guests are always
      admitted at the necessary intervals and individually.
      The service staff in the club, consisting of the bartender and a service person, will coordinate with the admission
      staff when a guest can be admitted again. Only the admission staff will bring the guest to their seats.
      Spontaneous guests get a seat as long as we have enough left.

      The maximum number of guests per event is 35-40 (depending on the size of the group the guests come in)
      people taking precautions and keeping a safe distance.

      The entire staff works with mouth and nose protection at all times. Only guests who also wear mouth and nose
      protection are admitted, which must not be removed for the entire duration of their stay in the club.
      – Only when the guests have their drinks.
      – The mask requirement still applies to VACCINATED / TESTED PEOPLE.
      – Only when the guest is sitting at the table. As soon as he / she moves away from the table, wearing a mask is
      mandatory. ACQUISITION:
      – The guest arrives at the club VACCINATED / TESTED with a valid telephone / online reservation, which
      means that all data has already been recorded in advance.
      – The guest arrives at the club without a prior reservation. Here, the guest is asked to personally save his / her
      private data – consisting of surname, first name, address, telephone number, email address – on a list prepared by
      us. The pen used for this is disinfected after each process. This data is also stored by the staff and musicians
      employed. The data collected in this way is stored securely for 4 weeks and then destroyed.

      The service serves the guests with pre-disinfected drinks menus and serves the drinks with glasses that have been
      rinsed with our glass washer by Winterhalter. In the event that the machine breaks down, they will be pre-washed
      / polished with plenty of soap, filled with fresh water, in which the glass brush is embedded. In both cases, the
      drinks are served by the staff wearing gloves. The drinks cards are laminated and disinfected before they are
      handed over to the guest and after they have been collected. Food is not offered.
      We also accept cash payments both at the entrance and in the service. The staff working at the checkout will
      disinfect their hands after each payment transaction.

      Guests wear FFP2 masks for the entire duration of their stay when they move away from the table. As soon as
      they leave their place, they are advised to keep the distance from the person who has already scheduled the toilet
      visit. In several places in the club, attention is drawn to the requirement of a minimum distance and the wearing
      of mouth and nose protection.
      Toilet visits are only allowed for one person at a time. There is a device for this on the entrance doors of the two
      toilets (women / men). The device consists of a self-made flap with the indication of occupied / free, which is
      operated by the guest when he / she enters or leaves the rooms.
      Unfortunately, it is not possible to move around the club for no reason. The only exception is going to the toilet
      and going outside to smoke or to move outside. This way we avoid that the guests come too close to each other.
      The tables and chairs are fixed and are also marked. The guests do not have the opportunity to move the tables
      and chairs outside of the marking fields. The arrangement of the tables and chairs corresponds to the
      requirements for the minimum distance. We have attached devices to the upholstered benches so that there is
      always space between two guests.

      The outlet takes place in the same way as the inlet. Only one person or a maximum of one couple will be allowed
      out at a time and only in consultation with the staff.

      We have moved / expanded our stage. It now covers an area with the specified distances for a maximum of 4-5
      musicians. The musicians will enter the stage with mouth and nose protection one at a time and leave the stage at
      the same intervals. In the backstage area, it is ensured that the musicians can also move with the necessary
      distances. In addition, they can get outside through a separate exit without coming into contact with the guests.
      This also ensures an additional supply of fresh air.
      We wish ourselves and everyone else that we survive the time together unscathed and as healthy as possible.
      With best regards
      Sedal sardan

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