Dear guests, dear friends,

we are happy to announce, that we can start to present concerts at our club A-Trane again.
During this very strange shut-down-time we were not lazy and have tried to adapt the club to the still difficult upcoming period.
But on all this actions the atmosphere recognition didn’t get lost. Convince yourself:)

First of all we want to tell you, that we changed our furnishings, to reach the most seat-capacity and in the meantime to hit a comfort at the seats.The seat-capacity will be reduced to approximately 30-40 seats, which means it will be 30% of our total. At our bar it is not allowed to be seated. Standing is as well not permitted.

From that reason out, we planed to have double shows for each concert. The shows will last 1 hour plus 1 encore. We definitely know, that probably we even will not be able to sold out the shows. But we have to install this concept with the hope, that enough guests will show up.
The stage is extended and stays also for long time so. The max amount of musician on our stage, because of social distancing, will be 4.
The time schedule for the shows are as follows:

Door: 6 pm
Begin: 6.30 pm
Done: 7.45 pm

Door: 8.30 pm
Begin: 9 pm
Ende: 10.15 pm

All our shows start sharp, because all of them will be also broadcasted live through the streaming online.

The tickets for our concerts will be for sale on our website. Regrettably we had to implement this step, because we have to avoid the slacks, that some guests don’t show up, if they didn’t pay.The purchased tickets are not refundable and also can not to be credited, but they are transferable to another person.

Almost all our concerts will be live streamed. For all who couldn’t come in and are not in the city and maybe didn’t have time to come, they have the opportunity to buy the streaming concerts with already well known great live pictures an live sounds. Those streamings are listed on our homepage to purchase, which are only valid 24 hours after bought and is straightened only for the purchaser with his/her IP-adress. So you can not forward it to a second person.

The only one exception will be on all Mondays with Andreas Schmidt and his friends, which will start as usual in the past at 9pm and the door opens at 8pm. We will announce to stream the Monday-concerts spontaneously. This concerts and streamings will be free of charge. But to make a reservation for this day, please use the Reservationform, which is constructed extra for this event.

We hope on your understanding and are happy to welcome you! Let us get the difficult days together over with putting the music/art/culture up and follow up the hygiene requirements at our club.

A-Trane & Team

    • Dear Guests, Berlin, 31. Juli 2020

      following we present our hygiene concept

      Hygiene concept for all the concerts at our club

      „A-Trane“, Bleibtreustrasse 1,10625 Berlin

      to ensure the health of the employee and the guests by fighting the pandemie with also beeing part of avoiding the spreading of this virus.

      Ventilation and air conditioning:

      The A-Trane is equipped with an very good ventilation including a very good filtering system. This system is tested for re-opening to its functionality and capability through a specialist company and in the mean time completely reconditioned.  Our air conditioning has gotten a brand new compressor. All this actions are protocolled. We will also let all the doors open in the period of no concert, to get more fresh air.

      Disinfectants at the club:

      In the club we will have x bottles of disinfectants, which will be positioned at the entrance, exits and at all the restrooms for all the guests, musicians and employee visible and accessibel for everybody.

      All the door handles will be cleand separetely. All the surfaces will be cleaned not only before the guests get placed, also if they leave their places/tables/chairs. In the restrooms we also have one-use-tissues in paper.


      We will proceed the ticket selling and controlling of compliance of regulation due to virus outside in front of the club. Through that out we will have lines of public only at outside to avoid it inside, who we indicate to their required social distancing, which we will also put required marks. The guests come along to the door with their purchased tickets and we will bring them in in the same distancing into the club.

      The service staff at the club, which is consisted of barkeeper and waitress, is connected to the entrance staff, who gives them the sign, when to let the guests in. Only the staff inside brings the customers to their seats. Spontaneous guests get seats, if we have some seats left. The maximum of our seat capacity will be about 35.

      Cloth face masks:

      All the staff work with masks through. We will only allow guests with masks, to enter the club, which they can put out, if they reached their seats. We will let them know.


      At the entrance we will require the private datas of guests, which consists of name, surname, address, phone number and the e-mail adress, on our pre built lists, to fill in. The pencil, which they used, will be desinfected immadiately. All this includes the registration of employee and musician. All this datas we keep 4 weeks, which we destroy after this.


      The service operates with pre-desinfected menü-cards and serves all the drinks in glases, which are cleaned intensively and prepared through barkeeper with gloves. Our menüs are laminated and easy to desinfect. We don‘t serve food.

      We accept also cash money. The cashier at the entrance cleans and desinfects the hands, before the other act starts.

      Guests at our club / Restrooms / Moving around in the rooms:

      The guest don‘t wear masks, as long as they don‘t leave their seats. If they need to leave their seats, we will let the know, that they have to put masks on their face again. We will put signs to point out to all this.

      To visit the restrooms are allowed for one person inside. We constructed our own sign marker, which shows occupied/free, which also the guest operates it.

      In the middle of the club around the desk of „middle-island“ we will have enough space, where the guests can move around. Through that out there will be couple of possibilities to avoid not beeing in social distancing.

      The distances of tables and chairs conform the orders of distancing rules. We put some signs on some seats, which show, that they are not allowed to use.

      Getting out of club for guests / Intermission:

      The exit is in same order like the entrance. Only one person or pair will be let out in cooperation with the staff.

      Stage / Musician / Backstage:

      We have built our stage bigger and extended it. It has more space for each musician to get also there the needed distancing, which contents 4-5 musician on it. The musician go up and down in the rquired distancings. At the backstage, where they stay, have the full filled distancing positions. Beside that, the musician can use the seperate exit to outside, without getting in touch with guests. This also allows the musician an extra fresh air.

      We wish us and to all the other people, that we come out of this strange time collectively with no damages and healthy as possible.

      Thank you for your cooperation.

      We are looking forward to your visit at our club and wish you great concerts!

      Very best regards

      Sedal Sardan and the team

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