Award winning Istanbul born drummer Robert Mehmet Ikiz started as a 2 year old to play on his grandmothers pots. After moving to Sweden, he studied at the Stockholm Music Conservatory followed by a year in Los Angeles Music Academy.
The wealth of places, people and musical styles he has encountered on his travels has helped shape the diverse sound of his own style of drumming. Ikiz has toured and held workshops in over 50 countries with artists & bands like Nils Landgren Funk Unit, Joe Sample, Bobby McFerrin, Barbara Hendricks, Dan Reed, Ivan Lins, BBC Orchestra, NDR Big Band and many other bands and orchestras. In 2017 Ikiz received the «Musician of the year» prize from the Swedish Radio. The pri￾ze is called «Jazzkatten» and had never been handed out to a drummer before.

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