12.022015 21:00
art of duo
lionel loueke (g) roberto cecchetto (g)
LIONEL: «This is my first duo guitar project. After playing with Roberto in New York, I automatically knew that there was no territory forbidden. Our musical connection is obvious and our different styles are complementary, giving birth to a very unique musical approach beyond our instruments. I am very excited to present this project and I am looking forward to playing more music with Roberto Cecchetto, a good friend and an amazing musician.»
ROBERTO: «The idea of playing with another guitarist has always fascinated me because it's like double the harmonic and melodic possibilities of the guitar, and it's very exciting when it happens to do with special and intense musicians such as Lionel Loueke with which the agreement was unique and total from the beginning.»
Die Musik dieses Gitarren-Duos ist magnetisch und unvorhersehbar. Lionel Loueke und Roberto Cecchetto spielen eigene Kompositionen, die von der Laune und den Gefühlen des jeweiligen Moments geformt werden. Loueke und Cecchetto kreieren Kompositionen, deren Klang zwar vom Zustand des Augenblicks abhängen, aber gleichzeitig eine lange Sound-Recherche voraussetzen. Loueke und Cecchetto spielen in der Tat eine Musik, die keine Grenzen kennt.