16.052018 21:00
samba pop jazz & more
miriam aida (voc) mats andersson (7 string a-g) ola bothzén (perc) finn björnulfson (perc)
Artist of the year at Swedish World Music Awards 2012
Miriam has a mixed background: Sweden/Morocco. She is always moving towards the core of oneness with her audience that goes beyond nationality, culture, language, colors, religion or gender. Intimate, sincere and always groovy!
Samba from Rio de Janeiro, Afro-Brazilian rhythms, influences of reggae, pop, jazz, soul and Swedish Folk Music naturally blend together when Miriam Aïda is in the spotlight. Together with her virituose band she creates a magnetic vibe with a strong presence and dynamic sound.

«A versatile artist, colorful, headstrong, audacious and personal. A performer who twists and turns on the familiar and who creates new perspectives for all of us.» Swedish World Music Academy
The music of the AWARD WINNING singer Miriam Aïda is a fascinating mix of different cultures that speaks about the many similarities of all people.
«....atmosphere of the warm Brazil as well as the cold Sweden.» www.kulturterrorismos.de

She comes to A-TRANE with a teaser from her upcoming album LOVING THE ALIEN that commemorates DAVID BOWIE.
16th of May Miriam and her band celebrates the single-release THE MAN WHO SOLD THE WORLD from the upcoming album!