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Dear audience, dear friends,

we are happy to be able to present concerts in the A-Trane jazz club again. During this shut-down time, we were not idle and adapted the A-Trane to the difficult time ahead. But with all the changes, the recognition has by no means been lost. Convince yourself:) First we would like to inform you that we have changed our furniture so that we can achieve the highest possible number of seats and also more comfort.

The seating capacity is reduced to 30-40%. There are expected to be 30-40 seats. No guests are allowed to sit at the bar at the moment and standing room is unfortunately not allowed either. Because of our limited seating capacity, you should know that we are prepared for double shows for all concerts, only if higher interest for the main show. With other words: If the main concert is sold out at 8:00 p.m. and if there is a more interest, there will be an extra concert at 5:30 p.m.

The stage has been lengthened and it stays that way. The maximum number of musicians on stage due to the rules of distance is 4. The times as follows:

Main Show
Door:  7.15 pm
Begin: 8 pm

Extra Show
Door: 5 pm
Begin: 5.30 pm
Done: 6.45 pm

All our shows start sharp, because all of them will be also broadcasted live through the streaming online.

The tickets for our concerts will be for sale on our website. Regrettably we had to implement this step, because we have to avoid the slacks, that some guests don’t show up, if they didn’t pay.The purchased tickets are not refundable and also can not to be credited, but they are transferable to another person.

Almost all our concerts will be live streamed. For all who couldn’t come in and are not in the city and maybe didn’t have time to come, they have the opportunity to buy the streaming concerts with already well known great live pictures an live sounds. Those streamings are listed on our homepage to purchase, which are only valid 24 hours after bought and is straightened only for the purchaser with his/her IP-adress. So you can not forward it to a second person.

The only one exception will be on all Mondays with Andreas Schmidt and his friends, which will start as usual in the past at 8pm and the door opens at 7.15pm. We will announce to stream the Monday-concerts spontaneously. This concerts and streamings will be free of charge. But to make a reservation for this day, please use the Reservationform, which is constructed extra for this event.

We hope on your understanding and are happy to welcome you! Let us get the difficult days together over with putting the music/art/culture up and follow up the hygiene requirements at our club.

A-Trane & Team